Review: Doctor Who Early Adventures – The Wreck Of The World

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

This is a lovely second Doctor story with Jamie & Zoe that perfectly mirrors the style of the time the story would fit into on TV; but as writer Timothy X Atack tells us in the extras, maybe a script that might not have been made due to budget.

Frazer Hines is as always flawless as the second Doctor, whilst also giving his all to Jamie. It was wonderful to hear him talking about how he alters his voice for Jamie depending on where in the run of the second Doctor the story is set. Something I hadn’t picked up on, but will listen out for now. Wendy Padbury plays the innocence and ‘of the time’ version of Zoe, but with a little more intelligence and roundedness allowed for in the script than the time of the original second Doctor run may have allowed for.

The story itself throws at us a nice supporting cast of characters which feel like they could have existed in some version back in the day, but with a little more savvy to them. I particularly enjoyed Don McCorkindale’s Porthintus who made a good foil for Jamie.

Lisa Bowerman’s direction clearly helps drive the story. I always feel it’s a tough mix to pull off, to have the slower pacing of an early Doctor Who, but with a drive through the story we have come to expect from Big Finish, but this pulls it off.

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