DVD Review: I Am Heath Ledger

I AM HEATH LEDGER is a feature length documentary celebrating the life of Heath Ledger from Directors Adrian Buitenhuis & Derik Murray.

You might be expecting a straight-up documentary about Heath’s life/death featuring some of his famous friends and/or an array of medical experts; this is not that. Instead the film-makers give us an incredibly personal look at Heath’s life. This is achieved through letting us into the amazing ‘home movie’ and photo archive of Heath; where he has essentially captured his whole journey on camera; interspersed with a number of ‘talking head’ interviews with close friends, colleagues and acquaintances that gives us an incredibly intimate view of his personal and professional life.

The whole of Heath’s journey is shown here in short-form covering his childhood, career highlights and relationships. My only criticism here is the film-makers shy away from the darker notes and his eventual death is barely covered however this is perhaps a deliberate choice to celebrate his life and work. Heath’s raw footage provides us with a great visual to his story and I notice the score mostly includes tracks that form part of that story and in many cases are covered specifically which is a nice touch.

Special Features
A 20min additional featurette which features further stories from Heath’s family and friends – a very nice addition!

Overall this is an incredibly intimate of portrait of an artist and his human journey – Recommended!

I Am Heath Ledger will be released on DVD/BluRay and VOD on January 22nd 2018 in UK (May 23rd for USA)


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