Review: Goodnight (Short – 2018)

Goodnight is the latest short film from Scottish filmmaker Cole Thompson Lynch.

“GOODNIGHT explores the power of visualisation and what ignites that drive inside all of us to make our dreams a reality” Cole Thompson Lynch

This short explores the mixing of dreams and reality and how they can affect each other as well as the passing of time. While the film is visually and conceptually avant-garde we do follow one narrative thread throughout the piece which has some resolution at the end; often hard to achieve in short-form.

Visually the film has a bold and individual style (cinematography from Mondo Love) that plays with colour and light. TV static is a device that is used to great effect. There was a slight lynchian vibe to the look and feel of film all underlined by a clear vision.

A great electro-ambient score from Graeme Gray compliments this perfectly and evolved naturally along with the narrative. I would have have liked to hear more ambient sounds mixed in to further play on the idea of dreams vs. reality as with no dialogue it is mostly score that we hear throughout.

4/5 An avant-garde yet engaging short exploring the concept of dreams in a very watchable and fun way. Highly recommended.

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