Audio Review: The Martian Invasion of Earth

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

Big Finish continue their classic adaptations with another HG Wells classic & one of his most celebrated at that.This is a classic story of how mankind reacts to aliens visiting from another planet as they slowly realise the aliens intent is the extermination of mankind itself. Our hero of the tale is named after Wells himself. It always feels like Wells is speaking directly to you as a reader or in this case listener and that the lead characters are an extension of himself. So does this mean one named after him is doubly so?

Either way this story is an excellent study of the best & worst of us as a people and it’s stunning how timeless it has proven. Pretty much any of the reactions of the characters seems realistic to something one would expect modern man to do. Some would want to learn, some to fight, but all in the end are forced to run for their lives as they work out how to stop this alien menace. I’ve never been truly satisfied with the end of the story, abrupt as it is, but this one is more about the journey.

In this adaptation the true spirit of the original book is ever present and superbly cast. Richard Armitage & Lucy Briggs-Owen as Herbert & Amy respectively bring a real honesty and a lot of heart to them. Howell Morgan is also great as the ever unreliable Curate.

This story is a classic for a reason & this version is perfectly dramatised & directed by Nicholas Briggs. Great work by the whole production.

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