Review: Torchwood – The Death Of Captain Jack

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

Ok, who Didn’t want to see James Masters back in Torchwood? Yep, no one in their right mind (sorry if you said no, but your wrong on this one, deal with it!) And right from the get go he reminds you of how fun the character of Captain John Hart was/is. Like Captain Jack but without the pesky morals and even more sexually open just when you thought that wasn’t possible.In this script by David Llewellyn we join John as he is visiting a dying, locked up Jack (John Barrowman) and he has come to tell him of the life he stole from him and of the team Jack should have lead, Torchwood. But it didn’t happen that way…This story is a natural fit. It covers some of the history behind Jack and John but mainly concentrates on what time becomes when John has free reign over Earth’s history and Torchwood from its creation.

It does a wonderful job of making Captain Jack a supporting role but in a way that he feels a big part of proceedings with him popping up in the “present” when John is telling his tale to him. Something Big Finish have become pretty great at doing with John Barrowman’s ever busy schedule. The rest of Torchwood who pop up are also used just right. With Ianto (Gareth David-Lloyd) being made Johns personal assistant in more ways than one and Gwen (Eve Myles) being used as almost something for Jack to play with… actually with John pretty much everyone becomes a personal assistant for him to play with! He gets to do the most monstrous things and make you laugh at the casual way in which he does it. Even the Queen becomes his play thing.

One of the best elements is also seeing what John does when faced with the most famed missions Torchwood ever went on. Which takes him from the bizarre and the funny to the downright cold.

The conclusion is satisfying but they have concentrated more on the fun nature of the script over making repairing the space time continuum the focus. Just what this one called for.

Scott Handcock as director and James Goss as producer have their awesome style all over this. It’s everything a Torchwood Big Finish should be, fun, sexy and with an appropriately over the top amount of destruction and disregard for life where needed! 10/10.

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Review: The Lives Of Captain Jack

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