Review: Jago & Litefoot Forever

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

I have both been eagerly anticipating this release and also wanting the day never to come that I would know I’d be listening to the last new audio release from Messers Jago (Christopher Benjamin) & Litefoot (Trevor Baxter).Following the sad passing of Trevor Baxter last year Big Finish made the inspired decision to have a story where Jago is in search of his missing friend Litefoot as a new year begins, with Baxter appearing via existing audio sound clips. A beautiful idea, but could it be pulled off?

The framework of this story is a pleasing one and allows us to explore our feelings of loss for the character played out as they are through Jago who is so desperate to find his friend. They also bring in Ellie (Lisa Bowerman) & Inspector Quick (Conrad Asquith) and some other familiar voices who team up to help the story and investigation into the missing coroners whereabouts. This gave me the feeling of old friends helping the titular gents tell one last story.

The story also centres around memories and features clips from past escapades from the gents from over the Big Finish series and even their companion chronicles in a very satisfying and emotion-inducing way. But I managed to stay fairly stoic till the last scene. I will not give too much away, but it features some guest players (if you want to know who, check out the cast list and you may well guess) who lead us into a tear inducing conclusion (at least it certainly was for me).

This story set also includes last years companion chronicles release of the Jago & Litefoot Revival starring both Baxter & Benjamin. I can already predict some won’t be happy with the idea of having this added to the release, feeling they are paying for this twice, something I won’t weigh in on. I will only say, it does pair very nicely with this new release. As does the behind the scenes which has many Jago & Litefoot stars sharing their memories of working with the sadly departed Baxter. It also features Paul Morris explaining how he wrote this new story and how he managed to find the right clips to use to revive Baxter one last time.

So could this feat in audio resurrection be pulled off to once again in a play for posterity partner this prestigious pair? Corks, if they haven’t gone and blummy well done it! 10/10

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6 thoughts on “Review: Jago & Litefoot Forever

  1. […] Langford has done a really good job in this script to include and use Strax well but have him being a secondary character to the female stars. In this story we get to see the love between Vastra and Jenny, their frustrations in the time in which they live and their sense of hope. There are some really nice twists and this is greatly timed to get us excited for their upcoming full set. I get a feeling this will take up the sad void of Jago and Litefoot. […]


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