Review: Torchwood – We Always Get Out Alive

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

Gwen (Eve Myles) & Rhys (Kai Owen) are on the way back from another day saved as the ‘Torchwood Two’. But as they drive home in seemingly good spirits, trying to get back before the babysitter gives up on them, they find a quiet drive home may not be on the cards.

The great pairing of writer Guy Adams & director Scott Handcock bring us this imaginative and very economical story. We have only two characters and an increasingly spooky backdrop of a road at night that doesn’t seem to lead where you thought you were going.

Eve Myles and Kai Owen always did have an effortless feeling chemistry (which Myles points out in the extras, re-finding a character can be harder than they make it sound) but here it’s even more so. When they argue you feel the resentment that can build-up in a marriage if you are not careful, when they laugh together you feel the joy too… when they are scared for each other, the tension feels real. In the extras there is less of the gentle ribbing by the co stars, which is usually they’re chosen method of working together, which I think is maybe a result of them working on something so psychological. Maybe this made them put down the jokes a little behind the scenes to get in the mood? Whatever they did, it worked! 9/10.

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