Review: Doctor Who – Iron Bright

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) is flying solo when you finds himself London 1828 and faced with Marc (Christopher Fairbank) and Isambard (James MacCallum) Kingdom Brunel. The famous father & son Mechanics and Civil Engineers which the Doctor is a fan off. But before he can enjoy meeting his heroes the Doctor finds there is a ghostly mystery plaguing their latest project of the Thames Tunnel. But the truth is even more other worldly than that. The Doctor must act fast to save this world and hopefully another in the process.Writer Chris Chapman makes it clear in the extras he has worked hard to craft a script that ties into real life events and gives us a fun Doctor Who explication to a mystery that is involved in the conclusion of this story. The beginning concentrates more on setting up the historical setting and the set-up for the events, but in the second half things really heat up and some more Sci Fi and other worldly goodies are released on the story.

The supporting cast are great. The fore-mentioned Brunel actors work great together and you can see a frustrated Isambard trying to prove himself to his father and the word and a controlling Marc knowing he knows best above all. The controlling nature that often comes with genius. The rest of the cast are also perfectly chosen, but I feel to get deeper into their stories here might give some really nice surprises away.

This is an historical Doctor Who tale done right. You get a real life event that is given justice by the script in its telling with a Doctor Who twist weaved into it seamlessly. 8/10.

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