Review: Torchwood – Goodbye Piccadilly

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

PC Andy (Tom Price) wakes up in the 1950’s naked, chained to a bed (don’t you just hate when that happens!); when he finds he is joined by (and was brought there by) Folgate (Samuel Barnett) things go from the ridiculous to the sublime.As you’d expect when you see these two characters & actors together, fun is afoot! These guys are such a match made in heaven. Andy with his uptight reserve and bashful side and Folgate, the hedonist who could give Jack a run for his money. The story is fairly simple, which is what is called for in such a characterful piece by James Goss. Our main guest star in Lucy Sheen as the wonderfully named “Fat Kim” is perfectly mean and gives our leads something great to work against and as you can tell from the interviews on this release they have a lot of fun. Superb direction by Scott Handcock too.

This release just shows the diversity of types of Torchwood you get with Big a Finish. Yes, you get the epic, huge story releases with everyone ever in a Torchwood involved and a great new Torchwood crew. But sometimes you just want a fun romp of a chase story through the streets of 50’s London. You get this here. 9/10.

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