Annabelle Comes Home Next Summer !

A new Annabelle movie is on the way, and will see the devilish doll bringing the other artefacts in the Warrens’ collection to life and terrorising their daughter!

Annabelle 3 (not the official title) was officially announced during the ScareDiego preview event at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, with director Gary Dauberman and producer James Wan on the scene to tease the next terrifying chapter in The Conjuring’s Universe.

This movie will be set shortly before the events of The Conjuring, showing what happened when the Warrens (Vera FarmigaPatrick Wilson) first brought the doll back and stashed her in their occult museum.

In their careers as supernatural investigators, Ed and Lorraine have amassed a collection of cursed objects that they keep locked up together in a room in their house, and the third movie will see the demon that possesses the Annabelle doll bringing the other artefacts to life in a Night at the Museum style.

After her story was first touched upon briefly in The Conjuring, Annabelle’s creepy appeal earned her a spinoff movie in 2014, which was followed by Annabelle: Creation in 2017.

So far the movie’s have been going back in time, with the first showing Annabelle’s recent escapades before joining the supernatural collection of ghost-hunting couple Ed and Lorraine Warren, and Creation revealing the dolls origins and setting up the events of the first movie.

However, Annabelle 3 will finally move forward in time and explore Annabelle’s antics while in the custody of the Warrens.

The Conjuring was a massive hit upon its release in 2013, grossing $319 million worldwide with a modest production budget of $20 million, and from that initial success New Line Cinema and Warner Bros have been building an entire cinematic universe of Conjuring movies.

Also showcased at ScareDiego this year was The Nun, which is out later this year and will reveal the origins of the horrific demon nun who was introduced in The Conjuring 2 and seen again in Annabelle: Creation’s post-credits scene.

The Nun is directed by Corin Hardy, and will follow the investigation of a mysterious suicide of a young nun in 1952 Romania. In trying to find the answers for her unsuspected death, a priest and a novitiate find themselves uncovering a much darker story. Risking their lives and their souls, the two confront the demonic force of Valak.

  • The Nun hits cinema screens world wide on September 7th 2018
  • Annabelle 3 is set for a release date of July 3rd 2019

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