Review: Torchwood – Instant Karma

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

Tosh (Naoko Mori) wants some time out from her work mates and so the chance to follow up on some deaths; seemingly from natural causes that she believes to be suspicious, is the perfect chance. But how do you stop someone who can kill Just by wanting to? As the man in question is a bus driver, it might not take that much to annoy him. Can Tosh stop him in time? And will his friend help her, or follow him?
978-1-78703-469-3.jpgThis is classic Torchwood. The idea that someone empowered by rift energy can kill anyone is a simple yet very effective. Of-course to begin with you would use these powers sparingly, only when needed. But how seductive would it be? How long before an petty annoyance would warrant your wrath? All this is explored to great effect. It’s also got a really strong setting, centring as it does around an anger management group.

Jonny Dixon is a great villain as Simon who takes out all his annoyances with life with his new found powers and Sara McGaughey as Janet shows a real struggle between wanting to do right by her friend but seeing what he is doing is wrong.

As I’ve found with Torchwood on Big Finish Tosh is maybe served better by the writing and Naoko Mori gets to flex a few more muscles in this version of the character.

Having Big Finish favourites James Goss, Jonathan Morris & David Llewellyn all working together on the script, it’s no wonder this is so strong especially when paired with director Lisa Bowerman. What a team! 10/10.

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