Kevin Smith series ‘Hollyweed’ gets three episode order.

Once thought to be a dead pilot, Kevin Smith’s series ‘Hollyweed‘ was acquired by new distribution company Rivit TV. They launched a campaign where those interested in viewing the series ‘pledged’ to buy the series once released so that it could be greenlit.

The pilot episode was made available on YouTube.

The campaign did not reach the necessary level of pledges however due to the large amount of interest generated by the series, Rivit TV and their partners have decided to order a further three episodes which will be available to purchase through their platform. Here is the full announcement from Kevin Smith:

Smith describes his vision as “‘Clerks’ in a weed store, with Donnell Rawlings and me as the middle-aged knuckleheads behind the counter;” the pilot opens inside their dispensary, LA Confidential, as the duo debates whether “Schindler’s List” featured dragons. Co-stars include Ralph Garman (“Family Guy”), Adam Brody (“The O.C.”) Frankie Shaw (“SMILF”), and recurring Smith collaborator Jason Mewes

Find out more at RivitTV

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