Review: Short Trips – Flight into Hull

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

Camille Coduri is again back as Jackie Tyler with her continuing missions in the alternate universe with the Meta Crisis Doctor… born of war don’t you know?!After the events of their last short trip together when the new version of the 10th Doctor proved to not be as morally centred as the original 10, Jackie is trapped on an airship with him and doesn’t know what to think of him any more. When the airship is taken over, her faith in this new Doctor and his faith in who he is himself will be tested.

This is another perfect short trip. It’s got a good story but not too much crammed in so that you feel short changed by the length.

I said when reviewing the last Meta 10 story that I thought it was interesting when Jackie is faced with a version of the 10th Doctor that is maybe not up to scratch that she suddenly talks fondly of the original, who she previously was quite hard on. This is continued here and makes perfect sense to me. The old “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”.

As you might expect, the first story sets this one up and we really see what this Doctor is made of. The writing by Joseph Lidster rides the line between known Doctor and Donna traits that reside in this Doctor and then a few new aspects that might be born of this combo. Where as the last adventure starts at a position of the Doctor mostly being the Doctor and later proving not so much, you feel this time round we get someone we don’t know we can trust and you hope as the story goes on he will prove himself.

There are also some wonderful descriptions of Hull in this universe. As much as I don’t want to offend any from this great city, I don’t think it’s ever been made out to be the glittering place it sounds here. This is the fun you can have describing an alternate world.

I think they have laid enough track in the last two stories that it would be a shame if we didn’t hear more from this world. Maybe even a boxset with a full cast. What’s Jacob Dudman up to?! 9/10

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