Review: Short Trips – I Am The Master

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

This story called to mind instantly a Monk story performed by Rufus Hound some time back. Like that story it starts with the lead character, one of the bad guys, talking generally as it seemed. Musing on what it’s like being them. Always a bold decision when you have a short trip of only around 40 minutes. Whereas in this case and then the general chat about the lead character is very engaging, if by the end of it you haven’t had a cohesive story then you would feel short changed. In both cases they come up with a story that makes you wonder how that was only 40 minutes in the telling, rich as the story is.

This time it’s Geoffrey Beevers telling the story and he also (just to show off) wrote the story as well. There is always the risk of self indulgence when writing about a character you play, instead Beevers brings his years of experience in the role to bare to craft an interesting and deeply sinister script that earns the name ‘I am The Master’. It doesn’t ever shy away from the Master getting away with things in the Doctors absence and gives some nice nods to the past and from the perspective of this Master, future of the character. They also get a lot of fun out of a few Big Finish references to do with sound studios and fabulous lunch’s, but I won’t spoil them. I can just imagine Beevers and director Lisa Bowerman having great fun working through this script to ooze out every drop of evil you hear in every line. 10/10

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