Review: Doctor Who – The Early Adventures – The Dalek Occupation of Winter

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

Let’s start with what an awesome title this is, harkening back to the way they used to have more poetic story names. And this tells you a lot about the style of this piece by David K Barnes. It does in many ways go back to the classic story telling of Doctor Who, as these early adventures tend to. What’s striking about this one for me is how it also blends in a lot of modern techniques of writing and characters whilst making them fit perfectly. Take the character of Jacklyn Karna (Sara Powell). She feels like a modern villain but the Doctor uses very old-school techniques to wrong-foot her and it’s great.

The story focuses on a race who see the Daleks as friends and are even helping them in an alarming way, that I won’t spoil. The writer brings in a lot of twists and turns that maybe old Who might not have but the settings and the Tardis crew feel very faithful to the original stories.

The narration by Peter Purves; who also serves as the Doctor and Steven, and Maureen O’Brien who also reprises Vicki, is really driving as always, as is the musical score. Lisa Bowerman as always has kept the exact right pace as director too… eagle eared listeners may also catch her In a brief cameo if my ears don’t lie to me.

A great story all round and proof you can still get original ideas out of the Daleks after all these years. 9/10.

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