Review: Doctor Who – Warlock’s Cross

Review by Kenton Hall

One of the major contributions that Big Finish have made to the Doctor Who universe, outside of some cracking stories for previous Doctors, are the new companions that they have added to the mix, each of which has brought out something very different in the Doctors to which they’ve been allied. Evelyn, Charley, Flip, Constance, Lucy… all have left their mark over the last 20 years of Big Finish stories.

Klein, to bring us to the story under review, is amongst the most fascinating Big Finish characters to have been added to the canon. In one timeline, an antagonist – in another, an ally. In both – multi-faceted and not entirely trustworthy. Perfect for the Seventh Doctor.

Warlock’s Cross is the final story in the recent UNIT trilogy; which has seen three Doctors tackle very different stories, all in the company of Daniel Hopkins, played by Blake Harrison. Warlock’s Cross is, perhaps, my favourite of the three stories – and it has a lot to do with the interplay between Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor and Tracey Childs as Klein.

Even without foreknowledge of their complicated back story, the actors make their interactions sing with implied history.  It adds dimension to what is, to be fair, a very good atmospheric story in its own right; less apocalyptic than you might expect from a concluding part of a trilogy, and better for it.

It’s a story to savour – with some sharp writing from Steve Lyons, who always nails Klein’s voice – and some rich emotional beats for all concerned.

Not everything is neatly tied up, but, then, the universe is messy.

A cracking tale, well-told and well-played.

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