Review – FrightFest: Beneath the Dark Heart of Cinema

FrightFest is an internationally renowned genre film festival that takes place in London each year; but what is the secret of its success? That’s the subject of this documentary from director Chris Collier.

We see in-depth interviews with the festival organisers; the most unlikely grouping of characters that is comprised of Greg Day, Alan Jones, Paul McEvoy & Ian Rattray, as well as festival attendees as they chart the history of the festival and explore what sets is apart from other events.

A host of filmmakers including Adam Green (HATCHET), Joe Lynch (MAYHEM) and Dominic Brunt (ATTACK OF THE ADULT BABIES) also talk about their relationship with the festival and the impact it’s had on their careers. The film also features Gareth Edwards, Eli Roth, Robert Englund, Simon Rumley, Soska Sisters, Tom Six and Jake West.

This is not simply promotion for the festival however; as it is ‘warts and all’; exploring the highs of lows of the festival’s journey and the sometimes strained relationships of the people behind it. It’s a well put together documentary (we can forgive some possibly deliberate shaky camera work in the ‘fly-on-the-wall’ opening sequence) that will entertain FrightFest devotees as well as providing a real insight into the atmosphere of the festival for the un-initiated.


FRIGHTFEST: BENEATH THE DARK HEART OF CINEMA will be released on 4th March by Capital City Media. It will be available digitally via iTunes, Amazon, Virgin Media, Google Play and YouTube.

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