Interview with Rhian Rees (Halloween 2018)

We spoke to Rhian Rees who portrayed the role of crime podcaster Dana Haines in Halloween (2018) and has appeared in several other TV and film projects.


“She’s a critical thinker and refuses to believe that anyone could be pure evil”.



How did you first become involved in acting?

I was extremely shy as a child. I couldn’t speak to anyone outside of my household. I was terrified to even say “Here Miss” during classroom registrar. My parents intervened by sending me to a theatre group one summer hoping that it would bring me out of my shell. I guess it worked!

You portrayed the role of Dana Haines in the 2018 Halloween. How did this role come about?

My agent rang me up for a part in a new David Gordon Green movie.

I was excited for the opportunity to audition for him as I’m a fan of his previous films; particularly All The Real Girls. Casting was keeping the project a secret so I went in without any idea that it was for the next Halloween movie. I ended up getting a call back which ultimately led to me getting the part. I think not knowing what the audition was actually for was a bit of a blessing because it took away a lot of the pressure.

Were you aware/a fan of the original Halloween and its franchise before taking on this role?

No. I’m not much of a horror fan to be honest. But I have since watched several of the films in the franchise and I particularly enjoyed the original Halloween.

How would you describe your character?

Dana Haynes is a sophisticated and intelligent women. Very driven in her journalistic career.

On the other hand she is relatable and kind. She’s a critical thinker and refuses to believe that anyone could be pure evil.

How did you approach filming your character’s death scene?

I just dove straight into the deep end! No-one can prepare you for a death scene. I imagined what it might be like if Michael Meyers was real.

No one wants a big scary man to come at you; never mind if it’s actual evil incarnate. I think anyone would scream. 

What was it like working on set with Scream Queen legend Jamie Lee Curtis and the rest of the cast?

Inspiring. She was very much in character as Laurie Strode the whole time. I really felt like I was meeting Laurie and not Jamie at all.

The rest of cast were lovely and supportive. We would all show up to each other’s death scenes to cheer each other on.

What was it like being directed by David Gordon Green – talk us through his directorial process?

David’s generosity in the collaborative process was really special. He took the time to listen and was willing to let us improvise and take a little more control over our characters.

It felt like he trusted us which made us trust him. I look forward to working with him again.

Horror master John Carpenter has been involved with this film imparting his wisdom to Green and team – did you have any involvement with him?

Yes actually he came to set didn’t have a clue who I was and when I told him I was in the film he asked if I could scream for him. So I let out a hearty guttural to which he replied “great” and then he left the room.

You had your first ever convention appearance at Halloween – 40 years of terror late last year. How was this experience?

It was a delight to interact with the fans.

Up until this point it hasn’t really dawned on me that I had become part of the Halloween family and it was humbling to feel that kind of support.

Who at the convention were you most excited to meet?

It was great to reconnect with James Jude Courtney who portrayed the Shape.

Are you a horror movie fan yourself?

Sometimes. My favourite horror film is Antichrist by Lars Von Trier. Not sure if that counts but it scared the bejesus out of my husband and he was disturbed for weeks which there’s nothing I like more than to scare my husband.

What is your favourite movie of all time?

My favourite movie of all time is Breaking the Waves by Lars Von Trier.

What is your favourite TV show of all time?

Ricky Gervais’s The Office.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I’m sworn to secrecy…

And finally, what really scares you?

Donald Trump!

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