Celebrities Who’d Make Good Bingo Callers

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the United Kingdom and has maintained its popularity thanks to the advent of online bingo. Although it doesn’t have the same atmosphere as playing in a bingo hall, when people play bingo online, they can have just as much fun, socialising with their friends from the comfort of their own homes.

However, playing bingo at a bingo hall will allow you to interact with the caller and here, we take a look at celebrities who we think would make great bingo callers.

Sir Ian McKellen

With Sir Ian McKellen’s background in theatre, the legendary actor knows how to project his voice, making him perfect for calling the balls. What’s more is he can also work as a security guard, by proclaiming “You shall not pass!” to anyone who has been banned from the bingo hall.

The Lord of the Rings star could also make the ball nicknames more Middle Earth related to entertain the players:

“Aragorn of the Dúnedain, number 9.”

“Sauron’s ring, number 1.”

“Two fat trolls, 88.”

Brian Blessed

Speaking of people who can project their voice, Brian Blessed would definitely make a great bingo caller. His booming voice would no doubt entertain the players and much like Sir Ian McKellen, he too could make up some of his own calls. “Gordon’s alive, number five.”

He’d be able to provide anecdotes of his life in the acting industry as well as being able to talk about his attempts to climb Mt. Everest.

Known for his roles in Blackadder and Flash Gordon, Brian Blessed provides the perfect comic acting to be a bingo caller, with a variety of vocal ranges.

James Earl Jones

His name might not be recognisable to you, but his voice certainly will be. His voice is as iconic as Morgan Freeman’s and has a deep resonance that everyone recognises and loves.

For those wondering where you might hear his deep tone of voice, you only need to put on the Lion King or Star Wars Episodes IV, V and VI. The two iconic characters he voices are Mufasa, from the Lion King and Darth Vader from Star Wars.

If you’re not into your movies and more of a television news kind of person, you might just recognise him as the voice of CNN’s tagline “This is CNN.”

If you’re lucky and ask nicely, he may use the force to pick the balls you need to win the jackpot.

Sir Patrick Stewart

A good friend of Sir Ian McKellen, another thespian with a talent for being able to project his voice is Sir Patrick Stewart.

The actor has appeared in many stage performances, particularly in Shakespeare plays, but is arguably best known for his appearances as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek and Charles Xavier/Professor X in the X-Men film franchise.

His voice is recognisable and has helped him land roles in Seth McFarlane’s two biggest animated shows American Dad in which he voices Avery Bullock and in Family Guy, in which he voices the inner monologues of baby Susie Swanson.

Is there anyone who you believe would make the perfect bingo caller? Let us know in the comments below.

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