Review: Doctor Who – The Monsters of Gokroth

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

The Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) is lurking in the background to check in on an old friend, Mags (Jessica Martin), who is still fighting her Werewolf side and seeking a cure. Mags has come to Gokroth, a remote world, to see the mysterious Doctor Maleeva (Victoria Yates). Maleeva is conducting experiments on monsters found on the planet. The people of this world fear the monsters, but may have cause to mistrust Maleeva more. Can she help Mags or will she be in more need of the Doctors help than ever?

I would never have thought to bring back Mags as a companion, but when I heard she was to return I was instantly excited. It’s great to find a part of the Doctor’s history and flesh it out more and this is a character which does lend itself to more exploration. A werewolf on the side of good, that was left freed but with a long journey ahead.

This first story of three with Mags makes a good start on her further journey. She seems to have struggled looking for some peace in herself to match her freedom on the outside from the psychic circus. Jessica Martin plays the struggle wonderfully and although her voice has changed as might be expected after all these years, she captures the character written so well here by Matt Fitton. The Doctor in this story is one later on in the Seventh Doctor’s time. McCoy is great at playing some more wary notes, whilst still keeping the hope and joy of the character wanting to save his friend and help her find her way.

The foil of the piece in Maleeva is also well written and played. It’s a complex character that is drawn out as the story goes on, in a tale that keeps you guessing. It seems to be a classic monster story in the tradition of Frankenstein but with the twists and turns of a more modern drama. Credit where it is due for pacing from director Samuel Clemens.

This adventure does exactly what it needs to in retelling who Mags is for those who don’t know or remember, but doing something new for those who do and setting her up for adventures that push the character more going forward. 9/10

This is the last review from Doctor Squee on our site – we want to thank him for all of his efforts over the years!- IndieMacUser Team

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