Eurovision Song Contest: A look back at Graham Norton’s best bits

It’s been ten years since Graham Norton replaced Sir Terry Wogan as the main presenter on the Eurovision Song Contest, and what a decade it’s been for the chat-show host. The United Kingdom lost a national treasure when Sir Terry retired in 2009, who had carried the baton for thirty years but Norton has filled the void with considerable ease.

Perhaps what has made Norton’s transition seem all the more smoother is the Irishman’s ability to scathe and criticise performers, something of which Sir Terry was renowned for. The 2019 Eurovision Song Contest will see Norton take the hot seat once again, and what better way to get you in the mood for this year’s spectacle than taking a look back at his best bits. But before you do, check out the Eurovision winner odds.

2018 Eurovision

“It’s like they’ve got a time machine and gone back to 1978. It’s like some children’s television presenters got a bit over-excited at their Christmas party… Answers on a postcard please. I’ve no idea what was going on.”

– Like the majority of us who witnessed Moldova’s entry from 2018, we had no idea what was going on either, Graham.

“Now he can go and get out of that outfit. Must be like a paddling pool in those trousers – not a very breathable fabric.”

– Austria’s Cesar Sampson’s outfit caused quite the stir and it didn’t go unnoticed by Norton.

“I don’t know why they invaded the stage, but we don’t care. Because you should never try and hijack someone’s moment in the spotlight, no matter how worthy your cause.”

– Tongue in cheek comments are bread and butter to Norton and last year’s stage invader was somewhat praised by Norton – kind of.

Best of the rest

“Ok…That’s three minutes we’ll never get back, but look at it this way: We’ll never have to hear that song again.”

– It’s fair to say that Norton wasn’t a fan of Albania’s entry from 2015; and he’s only saying what the rest of us were thinking.

“He said he did something terrible as a boy. We don’t know what it was. It might have been write this song.”

– Another classic from 2015. Norton was somewhat ‘underwhelmed’ by Norway’s entry.

“She’s a devoted experimental jazz musician. She can do extraordinary things with her voice… not pleasant things, but extraordinary.”

– Once again, Norton demonstrating his love for Albanian music. This came from 2012’s contest.

“If you’re going to get someone to dress as a gorilla, at least get a decent outfit. That looks like a couple of old car seats sewn together.”

– Italians are typically renowned for their sharp fashion sense but their 2017 Eurovision entry wasn’t fooling anybody – including the sharp-tongued Norton.

“Her name was unpronounceable so she decided to go by her nickname, which is Boggie. She could have called herself anything. Trixie-bell, Floo-Floo, but no. Boggie.”

– Hungary’s entry from 2015 totally perplexed Norton with her choice of nickname.

“He’s come back with a song called “That’s How You Write A Song”- ironically the song is not great.”

– More flak showered on Norway from Norton, this comment coming from 2018.

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