Doctor Who writer Terrance Dicks dies aged 84

We are sad to report the death of renowned TV & fiction writer and legendary name within the Doctor Who community, Terrance Dicks. The news has broke on September 2nd

Terrance Dicks began his long association with Doctor Who in 1968, when he joined the production team during the Second Doctor story The Invasion. He soon began writing scripts for the series. His first notable work was The War Games; an epic, ten-episode collaboration with Malcolm Hulke.

Dicks served as script editor through the Jon Pertwee era. He handed the reins to Robert Holmes with the coming of Tom Baker. Dicks continued to supply scripts for the series under his name and pseudonyms, specifically “Robin Bland” which was used when too many changes were made to his script for The Brain of Morbius.

At roughly the same time, he submitted what would become State of Decay to the Doctor Who production office. It remained un-produced for several years as the BBC had recently produced a new version of Dracula. His final script for televised Doctor Who was for the twentieth anniversary story The Five Doctors.

In 1973, Dicks, along with other writers from the TV series, were commissioned by Target Books to write novelisations adapting TV episodes. Over the next two decades, Dicks became the most prolific author of the line. He was editor of the range at one point. In later years, when Target adopted the policy of commissioning the original teleplay writers to novelise their works, Dicks became the “go-to guy” when the original teleplay writer was deceased, unable or unwilling to adapt their work in book form.

Major characters and concepts created in a Terrance Dicks script or substantially developed by him as script editor include the Time Lords (in The War Games, co-written with Malcolm Hulke), as well as the Master played by Roger Delgado. More minor creations include the Rutans, the War Lord, the Death Zone and Morbius.

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