Review: Long Lost (2018)

Long Lost; from writer/director Erik Bloomquist stars Adam Weppler as Seth, a young man invited to spend a long weekend at a Connecticut mansion with his long lost millionaire half-brother Richard (Nicholas Tucci) who, along with his enigmatic live-in girlfriend Abby (Catherine Corcoran), ‘lead Seth down a psychosexual rabbit hole wherein luxury and temptation are intermingled with treachery and taboo’.

With a bleak and melancholic cinematography right from the start, Bloomquist creates an ominous atmosphere accompanied by a suitably foreboding scoring. Seth (Wempler) is thrust into an unbelievable and revulsive ‘love triangle’ with his estranged half-brother Richard (Tucci) and his girlfriend Abby (Corcoran). Tucci creates a terrifying yet intriguing (if somewhat psychotic) character that steals every scene he is in. A really stand-out performance.

The plot is in equal parts intriguing, horrifying and revolting ;although ultimately we can guess at the implied danger ahead. All the being said, there is a major shift in the third act that turns the whole film on its head and will keep you guessing. It is one of those more psychologically disturbing films that will stay with you long after the closing credits.


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