Doctor Who Showrunner Teases Season 12 Episode Structure And Returning Foes

After Season 11 standalone stories, Doctor Who is bringing back its trademark two-part episodes. has learned the upcoming series of the BBC sci-fi drama featuring a number of episodes that extend over more than one installment.

Showrunner Chris Chibnall spoke to Radio Times in their latest issue;

“I love a two-parter. And our two-parters are epic this year. We always knew last year would be those 10 standalone stories, and this year we wanted to weave things in a bit more.”

When Doctor Who first aired in the 1960s to 80s every adventure was functionally a multi-part story, with shorter episodes adding up to a multi-part “serial” that would air over a number of weeks.

Later, after the series was revived in 2005 by Russell T Davies the series favoured longer 45-minute episodes, with roughly three two-part stories a year accompanied by a number of standalone stories. However, this format was occasionally tinkered by Davies’ successor Steven Moffat, and when Chibnall took over for the 2018 series every episode was a standalone story.

According to Chibnall this wasn’t a definitive statement about how they were making Doctor Who – more of a stylistic choice for his first run of episodes – and when it came to making a second series, he thought it was time to “change it up.”

Classic foes the Cybermen are returning for the upcoming series of the sci-fi drama – and according Chibnall, we should expect something new from the emotionless cyborgs when they clash with Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor.

“There are certain monsters you want to see a Doctor go up against. She met a Dalek in Resolution last New Year. Cybermen feel like an important part of the rogues’ gallery and we’ve done something slightly different with them this year – there was a particular story I wanted to tell”.

Doctor Who will return in early 2020. Jodie Whittaker will reprise her role as the Thirteenth Doctor alongside Tosin Cole (Ryan) Mandip Gill (Yaz) and Bradley Walsh (Graham) who are all returning for their second series. Chris Chibnall returns as Showrunner with Matt Strevens as Executive Producer.

Doctor Who Series 12 will see the return of The Judoon one of the Doctor’s fearsome adversaries.

Earlier this month we learned that British legends Stephen Fry and Lenny Henry will appear in an upcoming episode of Doctor Who Series 12; TV/film stars Robert Glenister and Goran Višnjić will also appear in an episode.

To read the full Doctor Who preview, you can purchase the latest edition of the Radio Times now!

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