Baby Yoda Funko Pop! Toys Are Coming!

Fans of both Funko Pop! figures and Star Wars have reason to be excited. Especially, those who love Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian.

Merchandise based on the breakout hit character from the Disney+ series has been making its way out slowly and surely, today it was announced that a Baby Yoda Pop! figures are on their way.

While this seemed like an inevitability, given the steamrolling popularity of the character, it’s still certainly assuring for fans to know they’re coming down the pipeline.

Funko initially teased the arrival of the Baby Yoda figures via a post on Twitter, which features a gif of Baby Yoda, aka “the asset” or “the child,” from the fourth episode of the show, Sanctuary.

The moment in question sees the beloved little green guy sipping some bone broth as he watches Cara Dune and The Mandalorian fight. The moment was instantly turned into a meme by the internet, which is likely why Funko chose this gif to tease the Pop figures.

Box art and figure details from several retailers have since leaked online. From what has been revealed, Baby Yoda lovers will have two Funko options to choose from. Either a standard size Pop! or 10-inch super-sized figure. Both of them are in the same pose, standing upright holding a hand out, looking ready to use the Force.

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One ad that leaked online from Target has the regular figure going for $8.99, with the super-sized figure set at $29.99. Interestingly, the name of the figure hasn’t been revealed, and there’s probably a good reason for that.

The internet has taken to calling the character Baby Yoda, but that’s not its name. Virtually nothing has been revealed, only that this adorable little Star Wars alien was worth an enormous bounty. We know that it is a member of the same species as Yoda, but since we know next to nothing about Yoda’s species, there is no better name to give it for the time being. Surely the packages for the toys could have the character’s real name on them and it’s doubtful Lucasfilm would release that information before it’s revealed on the show.

Lucasfilm scrambled to get Baby Yoda merch online once they realised how popular the character became – making Baby Yoda one of The Mandalorian’s break out characters and definitely the most memed aspect.

Since launching in the US back in November the streaming service has surpassed 10 million subscribers in its first day. Some of the classic movies on the streaming service have added a content warning due to “Racist Themes“.

The release of Disney+ in the UK has been announced for March 31st.

The Mandalorian episode 5 arrives Friday, December 6 on Disney+.

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