Review: Creation (Short)

Review by Rita Mwanza

Creation is a short film by Ruggero Dalla Santa. A naked man in empty white room with a laptop begins to learn that what he wants is not always what he needs. Human desire is perfectly captured as Adam uses his unlimited control to build his world. Adam continues to create his own world, perfected in his image. All of this is gone almost instantaneouslyI initially had reservations based on the slow start to the film, holistically this was one of the best ways to depict the essence of the film. The pace combined with the camera angles enhanced Creation’s thought-provoking nature.

In keeping with the integrity of a short film there is an intention to create suspense. It leaves the viewer in suspense. I might be biased but I wished the perspective of Eve unfolded much more. You can’t help but think of Biblical links of God creating Adam and Eve and now Adam, a male figure creates his world. How would have Eve have taken to being in charge of her own destiny?


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