B7 Media crowdfunding for more Dan Dare audio adventures

In 2017 icon of British science fiction, DAN DARE was brought back to life by B7 Media in six all-new audio adventures.

“For me, this audio revival of Dan Dare is a triumph. Each of the three episodes have the feel of an audio movie and it is easy to get pulled into their world. I cannot wait for the Anastasia to get back out there and explore this universe, and gladly give it square-jawed, generation gap busting 10/10.” –

 Ian McArdell, IndieMacUser

Inspired by the original Eagle comic strip (1950-1967), B7 Media’s audio reboot of comic-book space hero DAN DARE was hailed by fans and critics alike – and the first season was also nominated for several radio awards. Most notably Vol 2 won the prestigious NYC International Radio Program Gold Award for ‘Best Digital Drama’ (2018).

The creators are seeking crowdfunding to continue the audio adventures of Dan Dare:

“We’re very proud of what we accomplished; the fulfilment of a 25-year old ambition of producer/director Andrew Mark Sewell. Over the last 18-months we’ve also been delighted to receive many, many requests for further adventures – which is why we’ve launched this crowdfunding campaign.”

B7 Media

You can find more info about the campaign here:

Audio Review: ‘Dan Dare Volume 2’

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