The Good Exorcist from indie film-maker Josh Stifter

The Good Exorcist is a comedy/horror from indie director Josh Stifter.

“After a ranch in Texas is befallen to a mysterious, demonic presence, it is up to an eccentric, wandering priest to find answers and dispel the darkness. As he digs deeper he soon finds that he may be in over his head and out of time”

Review to Follow

The film was made as part of the Robert Rodriguez produced Reality TV show Rebel Without a Crew which follows a group of film-makers challenged with creating a feature film for only $7,000. The show aired on the El Rey Network.Josh Stifter began his filmmaking adventure crafting short movies with his friends after school everyday. He pursued animation in college and quickly found a job directing cartoons for director Kevin Smith (SModco Cartoon Show, TUSK).

After years of creating shorts and animated films, Josh has decided to tackle features, jumping at the opportunity to make his first full length film (The Good Exorcist) .He has worked with companies such as Troma, Troubleamaker Studios, CNN, SModco, and El Rey Network. Josh is also the owner and director of the award winning film and animation company Flush Studios.

The film is available on Amazon Prime
You can follow Josh’s work at and on Twitter.

Review to be posted soon.

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