Spend This Valentine’s Day At CAMP COLD BROOK!

Go canoeing, roast marshmallows… and die!

This year, spend Valentine’s Day at Camp Cold Brook, with Chad Michael Murray (RiverdaleOne Tree Hill), Danielle Harris (Halloween), Michael Eric Reid (The Funhouse Massacre), Courtney Gains (Children of the Corn) and Candice De Visser (The Funhouse Massacre), and find out that some ghost stories turn out to be true.

TV producer Jack Wilson (Chad Michael Murray) fears his paranormal reality show will be cancelled. Desperate to increase the ratings, Wilson takes his filming crew out to investigate the legendary Camp Cold Brook–an abandoned summer camp where a mass murder had taken place decades ago. They soon realize they are not alone…

Directed by Andrew Palmer and Executive Produced by Joe Dante.

“What drew me to Camp Cold Brook, beyond it being one of the scariest scripts I’ve ever read, is the wonderful dancing dualities that writer Alex Carl created in this world. The innocence of summer camp paired with the horror inflicted upon Bernadeau and her child and eventually the children she puts under her spell. A down on its luck reality crew, who have grown jaded from years of haunted houses with no hauntings, suddenly being thrust into given everything they always were searching for, and yet probably won’t live to broadcast. This same duality is present visually in the film, with a kinetic energy pushing the story forward and then slowing it way, way down in those moments of tension. Every creek, every moan drawn out, which draws the audience in; One scare, one shriek at a time. It’s a simple ghost story, with complicated characters. It’s something an audience will feel they’ve seen a thousand times, until we give them something, they’ve never seen before.” – Andrew Palmer.

This film is having a limited theatrical release starting February 14 in the USA.

  • Los Angeles  – Laemmle Glendale
  • Seattle – The Varsity Theatre
  • Chicago – Studio Movie Grill Chatham
  • Denver – Arcangelo Colorado Springs
  • Dallas – Studio Movie Grille Spring Valley
  • Houston – Studio Movie Grill Pearland
  • Cleveland – Tower City Cinema
  • Tampa – Studio Movie Grill Tampa
  • Atlanta – Studio Movie Grill Marietta
  • Detroit – Arcangelo Canton.

Also available on digital and on demand:

Watch on Amazon, Apple TV, Vudu, or your local cable provider!

UK and worldwide dates still TBC.

Pre order your copy of Camp Cold Brook on Amazon now.

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