Doctor Who Rose: The Sequel Released Online

Following on from the release of Rose: The Prequel, former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies has released online a sequel to his original 2005 ‘pilot’ for the rebooted version of NuWho.

This canonical sequel titled Revenge Of The Nestene has been released online as part of the 15th anniversary celebrations to commemorate the episode Rose – which included a live rewatch of Rose on twitter.

Rose was the first episode of the revived series that sees Christopher Eccleston as the ninth incarnation of the Doctor, his only series in the role, accompanied by Billie Piper, as his first and main companion Rose Tyler, whom he plucks from obscurity on planet Earth, and to whom he grows increasingly attached.

Davies joined twitter especially today for this evening’s festivities:

Sharing the exciting announcement on social media earlier this week, Davies wrote:

Although Doctor Who series 12 came to an end at the beginning of the month, with show’s bosses confirming that the Daleks will be back and threatening the Time Lord and friends when the series returns over Christmas.

The hit BBC series will air the one-off festive episode, titled Revolution Of The Daleks.

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