Kevin Smith’s Mooby’s Restaurant becomes reality for LA Pop-Up

‘Mooby the Golden Calf’ is a fictional children’s television character created by writer/director Kevin Smith which is the figurehead of a fictional fast food chain that is featured throughout the View Askewniverse, most notably in the films Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back and Clerks II and more recently appeared again in 2019’s Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Moobys set for Jay & Silent Bob Reboot

Fans have long discussed the idea of Moobys becoming a real life restaurant – and last night during a live YouTube Q+A Smith confirmed that they would be opening a pop up in LA 4.20-4.25. Due to the Covid19 outbreak this will initially be a delivery only service via PostMates in the local LA area but they hope to open doors to the public later this year.

The restaurant will feature a specially crafted menu including vegan options as well as exclusive Moobys merchandise which will also be available to purchase online.

You can follow the Moobys pop up on Instagram.

Check out details on our upcoming Kevin Smith documentary: KevHeads currently in pre-production.

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