Rocky Horror Star Releases Statement Regarding Drag Race Snatch Game Performance 

Aiden Zhane did herself no favours in her portrayal of Rocky Horror icon Patricia Quinn for her Snatch Game character on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The performance was that bad it not only landed Zhane in the week’s bottom two sending her home, it also deeply offended Quinn.

Patricia Quinn through her rep at Gregor Gee International has now put out an official statement.

Throughout the course of the statement Quinn reiterates her disgust at not only her portrayal but also Rupaul’s Drag Races ‘tasteless’ portrayal of other celebrities.



Patricia Quinn AKA Lady Stephens is best known for her role as Magenta in the 1975 film The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and the original stage play from which it was adapted. Quinn appeared as Dr. Nation McKinley in the 1981 film Shock Treatment the follow up to T.R.H.P.S.

This is not the first time Quinn has commented on this seriously unflattering portrayal.

In a series of screenshots of Facebook posts posted to Twitter since the episode aired, Quinn distances herself from Zane and condemns the portrayal.


Quinn continued in another post: “He called me a drug addict!!!!!” she wrote. “And knew nothing about me. [You’re] disappointing!”

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was one of many films featured in our editorial retrospective piece ‘Horror and the LGBT community check it out now.

5 thoughts on “Rocky Horror Star Releases Statement Regarding Drag Race Snatch Game Performance 

  1. “Drag Race” has never been about uplifting the craft or its contestants. It is all over-the-top drama and degradation for ratings.


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