Review: Why Don’t You Just Die! – out April 20th

‘Why Don’t You Just Die!’ is a violent, dark new thriller from writer/director Kirill Sokolov and is being distributed by cult label Arrow Films. The film has English subtitles.

Matvey (Alexander Kuznetsov) has just one objective: to gain entry to his girlfriend’s parents’ apartment and kill her father Andrey (Vitaliy Khaev) with a hammer to restore her honour. But all is not as it initially seems, and Matvey’s attempts to bludgeon the family patriarch to death don’t quite go to plan as Andrey proves a more formidable – not to mention ruthless – opponent than he anticipated… and Matvey, for his part, proves stubbornly unwilling to die.

‘Why Don’t You Just Die!’ plays out as a violent and bloody tale of revenge in the vein of ‘Kill Bill’ and comparisons can be drawn stylistically to film-makers such as Tarantino, Rodriguez & Wright. The pace and gritty, bloody Grindhouse-style action sequences are at times relentless however the film also has lighter, transitional sections that sometimes verge on a more abstract European cinema style and it’s story is revealed to us slowly. The film is driven well by a score and sound design that is seemingly perfectly choreographed with the action.

Young actor Alexander Kuznetsov is certainly put through hell as our main protagonist Matvey but is certainly well matched and often out-acted by Vitaliy Khaev as Andrey who he plays wonderfully as our strong yet flawed ‘villain’ and ‘hard-man’ of the piece. The film is mostly a two-hander between these two but there are some fun additional characters such as Elena Shevchenko as Andrey’s wife Tasha and Michael Gor (Die Another Day) as Andrey’s hapless ‘accomplice’ Yevgenich.

Sokolov delivers a film with a strong, unique style and sensibility which will pull you into it’s dark world of revenge despite being subtitled; however it does not hold back on it’s more bloody and violent scene’s so will not be for the faint hearted!

4/5 – A thrilling, violent yet artistically shot tale of bloody revenge.

The film can be pre-ordered now from Amazon and Arrow Films and will be released on April 20th.

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