Review: Raiders of the Hidden Donald Trump Fetish Doll (Short)

‘Raiders of Hidden Donald Trump Fetish Doll’  is a comedy short from writer/director Angel Connell; who also stars playing a version of himself.

“An independent movie director (Angel Connell) in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign fends off a variety of malevolent individuals who seek to steal his ultimate crowdfunding perk: a Donald Trump fetish doll.” 

The premise of this short is that an indie film-maker is crowdfunding for a film (perhaps a little autobiographical there..) and one of the perks they offer is a Trump ‘fetish doll’ which attracts the attention of various nefarious groups. That is essentially the joke of the piece and it doesn’t really go anywhere else; although there are some fun charecter roles along the way it ultimately feels a little flat and outstays it’s 9-minute runtime.

Perhaps the more interesting and relatable aspect of this short is the struggles of crowdfunding for an indie film and the desperation and lengths film-makers may go to raise funds for their dream projects.

2/5A fun, satirical short that is sadly one-note and fails to stick the landing.

Find out more about the film on iMDb

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