Review: A Legacy of Whining

A Legacy of Whining is a new comedy feature from writer/director/star Ross Munro.

The past ain’t all it’s cracked up to be when two former high school friends reunite thirty years later in a painfully comedic and bittersweet rollercoaster of an evening.

This film plays like a typical larger than life comedy as we follow struggling thespian Mitch (Ross Munro) as he reunites with his old friend Dunc (Robert David Duncan) who seems considerably less effused with the encounter. Along the way the film pokes fun at many tragic idiosyncrasies of life and even some film/tv tropes.

Munro is reasonably likeable and entertaining in the lead role but i’m not convinced that alone is enough to carry the film and the dialogue and flow seems a little wooden throughout. As a two-hander it perhaps leans too heavily on extended dialogue scenes.

It is not exceptionally well shot however there is some fun production value offered by real-life locations such as an airport and the inherent comedy that ensues.


The film is available now on Amazon Prime , BluRay & DVD. 

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