Paramount ‘Friday the 13th’ 40th Anniversary Steelbook Delayed

As previously reported Paramount is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Friday the 13th this year with a re-release in the form of a Limited Edition Steelbook Blu-ray + Digital, which had originally been set for release on May 5th, 2020.

Unfortunately the release has just been slightly extended over a month to June 16th, 2020.

This new Blu-Ray contains the Unrated and Theatrical versions of the film along with a number of special features ported over from previous DVD and Blu-Ray release. A digital download is also included.

Bonus Features include:

  • Commentary by director Sean Cunningham with cast & crew,
  • Friday the 13th: Reunion,
  • Fresh Cuts: New Tales from Friday the 13th,
  • The Man Behind the Legacy: Sean Cunningham
  • Lost Tales from Camp Blood – Part I,
  • The Friday the 13th Chronicles,
  • Secrets Galore Behind the Gore.

“With the addition of unrated footage, and insightful special features, plunge deeper into the film that spawned eleven sequels and the genre’s unstoppable bad guy, Jason Voorhees. A new owner and several young counselors gather to reopen Camp Crystal Lake, where a young boy drowned and several vicious murders occurred years earlier. They’ve ignored locals’ warnings that the place has a death curse… and one by one they find out how unlucky Friday the 13th can be as they are stalked by a violent killer.”

There is currently no UK release date for this latest Friday the 13th release – however this item does ship to the UK and is available to order on Amazon now.

Check out our interviews with Friday the 13th Alumni:

Victor Miller (Writer of Friday the 13th)

Harry Manfredini (Composer Friday the 13th)

Adrienne King (Friday the 13th)

Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th)

Robbi Morgan (Friday the 13th)

Thom Mathews (Friday the 13th Part VI)

Tim Mirkovich (Friday the 13th Part VIII)

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