The Purge Cancelled By USA Network

USA Network has cancelled The Purge and Treadstone, two highly-visible series based on theatrical properties.

The Purge, based on the Blumhouse horror franchise of the same name, made it through two seasons, with its season two finale airing back in December. Treadstone, a spinoff from The Bourne Identity, is the latest attempt by USA parent company NBC Universal to extend the life of that franchise. It was cancelled after only one season.

Like the films, The Purge mostly takes place during a 12-hour period once a year in which all crime is legal — although the TV format allowed the series to explore the wider world of The Purge in a different way than the movies. Treadstone was a spy thriller featuring the CIA Black Ops program Operation Treadstone, the same group responsible for the creation of Jason Bourne.

Both dramas were expensive to make while not drawing enough eyeballs on linear television. The Purge was a breakout in Season 1, but its linear viewership was down 50% in Season 2.

Subsequently, the last installment of The Purge Film franchise, titled ‘The Forever Purge’ has had it’s release put on indefinite hold.

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Purge 5 Release put on hold.

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