Review: Madness In The Method – Out in UK on June 8th

Madness in the Method is the directorial Debut from Jason Mewes (Clerks, Mallrats, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot) who also stars in the film as an exagerated, ‘alternate universe’ version of himself. The film was produced by Dominic Burns (Allies) who also wrote the script (with Chris Anastasi) with Jason in mind.

Legendary stoner actor Jason Mewes is tired of Hollywood’s perception of him. So upon advice from his best friend Kevin Smith, Jason seeks out a highly secretive, powerful method-acting book, determined to reinvent himself as a serious actor and take revenge upon those who have kept him on the margins. Hollywood better get ready… Jason Mewes is about to show you his dark side!

The film is full of unexpected laughs and unpredicted cameos, with a huge supporting star cast including Vinnie Jones, Teri Hatcher, Kevin Smith, Harley Quinn Smith, Brian O’Hallaran, Zack Galligan, Gina Carano, Danny Trejo, Blake Harrison, Paul Chowdhry, Dean Cain, David Dastmalchian and the last released on-screen appearance of Marvel superhero creator, Stan Lee.

It’s certainly an interesting and fun premise to have Jay playing an alternate version of himself although cemented in some degree of reality; and the parallels to his real life and career are all too real. Likewise, some of the supporting cast play alternate versions of themselves and everyone seems to bring their a-game; perhaps enjoying the challenge of playing themselves as practically every cameo is a stand-out; but especially Hatcher, Cain & Jones. Even the scene with Stan Lee (sadly likely to be the last time we will see him on screen) is perhaps one of his best film cameos; this supporting cast provides incredible value and is all thriller – no filler. The parallels to real Hollywood are all too clear but non-the-less enjoyable and for a relatively low-budget film (with Derby, England doubling for LA for most of the film except a few key scenes) the execution is flawless. There are even some more emotionally driven moments such as the scenes between Mewes and Smith which reference Jason’s real life battles with addiction.  
The film somehow manages to fulfil its own legacy as we see Mewes take on an unexpected and scene stealing role and you could draw comparison to this recent trend in films challenging stereotypical casting such as Uncut Gems & Mandy. If there is any downside then perhaps the film leans too heavily into Jason’s previous involvement with Kevin Smith and there are some references that may be lost on the more casual viewer; however i feel overall this is a ‘mad’ and fun ride and an incredible directing debut for Mewes.


The film is released digitally in the UK by Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment on June 8th and will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google, Sky, PSN, Vubiquity/Talk Talk, Microsoft/XBox.

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There is also a DVD release on Amazon on July 6th.

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