Kevin Smith creates short for ‘Celebrity Show-Off’ while in Lockdown

Following Fox’s massive success with The Masked Singer and the ongoing spread of the coronavirus, executive producer Craig Plestis is now bringing South Korea’s remotely-made Celebrity Show-Off to the U.S., which is set to air on TBS. Hosted by Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory), each Celebrity Show-Off episode will feature five stars creating online content that must attract the highest number of views. Every week, the contestant who produces the content with the lowest viewership and engagement will be replaced by another celebrity. Confirmed competitors include Diplo, Nene Leakes, Dwight Howard, Gabi Butler, Bella Thorne, Ja Rule, Jason Mraz, and Kevin Smith, among others.

Film-maker Kevin Smith has released his first entry for the contest – a short sit-com based around his Family’s time in lockdown and the video was also produced during the lockdown and features his family and friends such as daughter Harley Quinn Smith & long-time collaborator Jason Mewes.


The digital shows will debut on TBS’ YouTube channel and will be scored by total views, view duration and engagement. Each week, they will come together in a virtual studio to find out who will remain in the competition. The lowest-performing celebrity will be replaced with a new star and the longer each person stays in the competition, the more money they raise for their chosen charity.

See the website for further info:

Kevin Smith launches Moobys PopUp in LA

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