Disney Ditches 4K Empire Strikes Back Re-Release

Disney has rolled back on plans to release a 4K version of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in theaters, Variety has confirmed.

The decision comes just weeks after it was revealed a 4K edition of the film would form part of U.K. cinemas’ reopening slate. While The Empire Strikes Back will still be screened in U.K. cinemas, it will be a standard 2K version of the 1980 film.

The plans for a 4K release has been scrapped after talks broke down with exhibitors in the last few weeks.

This would have marked the first time a UHD version of an original trilogy film had been screened in cinemas.

European cinema giant Vue was initially on board to show the 4K film across its U.K. cinemas, but said earlier this week that plans had changed, and the film would only be screened in 2K.

The 4K edition of the 1980 film — the second title in the original trilogy, in which Luke Skywalker studies the Force with Yoda as the Galactic Empire pursues the Rebel Alliance — has only been made available so far on the studio’s streaming platform Disney Plus and via Blu-ray, where it was released in late March alongside 4K versions of the seven other Skywalker Saga films.

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