Doctor Who 2021 Annual announced as part of ‘Time Lord Victorious’

The traditional Doctor Who Annual will this year form part of  ‘Time Lord Victorious’; a brand-new multi-platform Doctor Who story told across audionovelscomicsvinyl, digital, immersive theatre, escape rooms, figures and games!

The 2021 annual is jam packed with activities, puzzles, stories, facts and illustrations, including a thrilling peek into the world of the TARDIS with a TARDIS Tour and TARDIS Trip Reviewer.
It will also contain further information on Series 12, such as more in-depth fact files of episodes like Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror. Plus, there are multiple opportunities to get to know your enemies better with breakdowns of monsters like The Skithra, Dregs, the CyberMasters and much more.

The annual is due for release on 3rd September 2020.

You can pre-order a copy of the Doctor Who official annual 2021 at Amazon UK and Amazon USA.

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