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HTML5 Brings iOS and Android Gamers Together
I don’t care what you all have to say about this, but I do consider people who are playing games on their
phones and tablet gamers. I’m not as absurd to call a lady who plays CandyCrush on her lunch break a
gamer, but there are lots of games which are worth playing on your phone and which require skills and a
gamer vibe. However, until a couple of years ago, there was a wall between the iOS and Android users.
That wall was torn down by the HTML5, because it’s the best coding language for browser and mobile

The main thing making HTML5 amazing is the fact that it works like a charm on any kind of device with
any kind of operating system. An online browser game can now support players from PC, Mac, iOS and
Android playing all together with no bugs, lag and no weird glitches. This is the future we’ve all dreamed
of. Only if the big gaming worlds of consoles and PC would learn from the little browser gaming universe
and give us those cross-platform servers where we can all play together. But I don’t want to go off the
rails here. Let’s keep on track and talk about the other reasons for which HTML5 gaming is the future.
From the way the industry looks right now, it seems like HTML5 was created for gaming. It’s either that
or the developers simply adore it. Because all of them are focusing on it these days. You can see that
from the gaming engines which are put out these days. The top engines of the browser gaming world
are all built for HTML5. We’re talking big names like Phaser, GameMaker, Goo Create, Away3D or
Blend4Web. If you’re a developer, you will sure find your way around creating the project of your
dreams with these tools.

HTML5 is also known for its clean code. That means anyone could use it and we already see so many
online gaming sites with huge modding communities around them. Every browser game site that respects
itself has a Discord server where the community plays around with mods for all kinds of funny skins,
special gameplay challenges or just improvements to the game as a whole.
And as I said before, all this is now available on iOS devices. No matter if you’re using an iPhone or an
iPad, you won’t have to worry about finding an exciting game just so that you won’t be able to play it.
We all know how hard it was to play browser games on Apple devices. This was especially true for adult
entertainment. For the iOS tech savvy porn games were impossible to find. But we no longer have that
problem. Even the weird monster sex games or the most obscure fandom parodies are now available for
us. The future is here and we should enjoy it.

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