Review: Wrong Turn (2021)

*Spoiler Free*

Wrong Turn (also known internationally as Wrong Turn 7: The Foundation) is a 2021 horror film directed by Mike P. Nelson, written by Alan McElroy and distributed by Saban Films.

The film is a reboot and the seventh installment of the Wrong Turn film series. The film stars Charlotte Vega, Adain Bradley, Emma Dumont, Dylan McTee, Daisy Head, Bill Sage and Matthew Modine.

This land is their land. A chaotic fight for survival befalls a group of friends on the Appalachian trail in this iconic franchise reboot from the original creator Alan B. McElroy.

When a dream trip turns into a nightmare, one group of friends finds themselves at the mercy of an urban legend – The Foundation. As a freak accident drives the group deeper into the mountains, they find themselves succumbing one by one to hunting traps large enough to take out anyone that dares venture off the beaten path.

The group soon realises they are not alone and what happens next escalates into a gruesome game of survival, as those who called the mountain home respond to this outside threat with their own swift and brutal justice.

Without giving away too many details, this reboot has clearly been influenced by the folk horror genre and films such as The Wicker Man and Midsommar.

This installment takes a step away from the over use of blood and gore that has become synonymous with the franchise and gives the viewer many unexpected twists and turns you don’t see coming and makes you question and wonder who is the monster depending on social constructs.

The character development is stronger with certain members of the cast than others – with some falling prey to classic horror movie tropes (I guessed who was going to die first within 3 minutes).

Director Mike P Nelson exhibits a clear visual style that flows throughout the film with the use of a variety of extreme camera angles we don’t often see in films of this kind as well as picturesque landscapes, overhead shots and transitions which contrast excellently with the more graphic close-up shots and coverage which is complemented by a reflective score from Nick Junkersfeld.

This film is extremely strong on its own merits as a stand alone film and a welcome addition to the franchise. However die hard fans of the original may find this reboot hard to digest as several elements that made the original and its subsequent sequels cult classics are changed significantly.


Signature Entertainment presents Wrong Turn (2021) on UK Digital Platforms 26th February. Blu-ray & DVD release 3rd May.

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