Friday the 13th legal battle update

Larry Zerner former actor (Shelly from Friday the 13th Part 3D) turned lawyer for the past several years has shared his legal expertise with fans on the ongoing, legal battle happening with the Friday the 13th franchise.

Today on his twitter Zerner shared an update on the ongoing legal battle.

Through the twitter feed (click above) Zerner explains that

Horror, Inc. argued that since the Friday the 13th film has a copyright notice that didn’t list Victor Miller, Victor should have filed an action within 3 years of the film being released and since he didn’t he is time barred.

On June 7th, Victor’s lawyer filed a response pointing out that the copyright notice applies to OWNERSHIP, not AUTHORSHIP, and since Horror, Inc never stated that Victor was not the AUTHOR, the Everly case doesn’t apply.

Let’s hope this legal battle is resolved soon so we can see Jason back on the big screen.

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