Big Finish/Doctor Who actor, writer and rights activist Anthony Townsend passes away aged 50

Big Finish has reported that actor Antoni Fletcher-Goldspink (Also know under their acting name Anthony Townsend) has passed away aged 50. Antoni was sadly diagnosed with terminal cancer on 25 June 2021.

As an actor, voice artist, interviewer and event host their work with Big Finish included Doctor Who and Blake’s 7 ranges, 368 Theatre Company in live performances and two recent podcast series “The Pogley Wood Murders” and “Moira Moments”, providing readings and voices for SNS Online and more. Previously back in the 1990s they were a regular contributor to Doctor Who Magazine.

Antoni was active in the charity sector, having been a dedicated campaigner for equal rights for over 30 years, and in the last 15 dedicating their creative talents in roles to raising untold amounts for Crusaid, The National AIDS Trust, Alzheimer’s Society and most recently Cancer Research UK. They had been a trustee for anti-hate crime group 17-24-30, and a spokesperson for them, National AIDS Trust and Stonewall. Most recently they were part of the organising team of the postponed G’Day of the Doctor event, which even though hasn’t gone ahead yet has raised thousands of GB pounds for relief organisations for the Australian Bush fire disaster.

A GoFundMe campaign for Antoni was set up last year.

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