Some of the best technology & film related sites, blogs & podcasts out there! Many of these are sources for the stories on the blog. Thanks guys!


  • MacBreak Weekly* – Weekly Apple & iOS related news as well as general tech stories and chatter with Leo Laporte and guests. Weekly podcast with video.
  • iMore* – The latest apple rumours, mobile devices and general tech stories. Regular podcasts with video.
  • MacWorld UK – The leading UK Mac publication with all the latest Apple & iOS. Podcast*. Consumer viewpoint.
  • MacRumours* – All the latest Apple gossip.
  • Cult of Mac* – Mac fansite with news and gossip. Regular podcast.
  • CNET– The latest technology news & reviews. Regular podcast. Consumer viewpoint.


  • Empire Magazine – All the latest film news and reviews. Regular podcast.
  • IMDB – Arguably the best Film/TV resource on the internet with cast listings, trailers, trivia and much more.
  • SMODcast* – All things Kevin Smith related and a great selection of podcasts.
  • ThatManOnFatman* – A fan podcast for all things Kevin Smith with weekly guests.

-Our editor Ben Gummery hosts the ‘SMeadlines’ segment on this show.


  • Gallifrey Stands – A great Doctor Who ‘whovian’ fan podcast with great guests every week.
  • Geeks In WalesA highly localised geek blog that looks at the Welsh geek scene and geek-friendly events in Wales.
  • Bananalaser THE horror podcast.
  • BSXcluded – A network of geek-related podcasts.*

*US biased (all others are UK biased or universal)

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