Review: The Further Adventures of Lucie Miller (Volume 1)

Review by Michael Goleniewski

The Eighth Doctor / Lucie Miller era is a fan favourite for Whovians; especially among regular Big Finish audio listeners. Sheridan Smith’s Lucie Miller is often regarded and talked about in the same breath as Rose Tyler or Donna Noble and it’s obvious that she left a major impact on the canon. So it’s really not much of a surprise that after her widely successful initial run that lasted for 4 seasons and 28 stories, she would be invited to come back for another go on the site.

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Review: Doctor Who – The 11th Doctor Chronicles

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

After the success of the Tenth Doctor Chronicles, Jacob Dudman is back as the Doctor. Just this time as the Eleventh. Continue reading