Review: A Night of Horror – Nightmare Radio

Review by Paul Grammatico

When I was a small child, I was surrounded by much older adolescents when my family resided at a summer cottage in the woods in Northern Michigan. In the flames of nocturnal bonfires, I became petrified by the folklore, urban legends, and other horror stories that were expertly regaled by the various voices that penetrated my mind within the crackling flames. These stories shaped my childhood and made me a maven of the unusual and unexplained with terror being a byproduct which entered my cerebral cortex. Black Mandala and Uncork’d Entertainment’s newest horror anthology A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio brings those tales to the terrestrial airwaves.

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Doctor Who releases anthology ‘Adventures in Lockdown’ with writers including Neil Gaiman, Steven Moffatt & Russel T Davies

Penguin Random House will be publishing Doctor Who: Adventures in Lockdown, a collection of stories written by Doctor Who writers in response to COVID-19, in aid of BBC Children in Need.

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Book Review: Regenerations (from Chinbeard Books)

Review by Ian McArdell

With meddling in his timestream, well known events from the Doctor’s past are reshaped in familiar, yet different directions. That’s the premise of ‘Regenerations’, the latest charity anthology from ChinBeard Books.

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