Review: Doctor Who – Plight of the Pimpernel

Review by Michael Goleniewski

The first of two Big Finish Main releases for December 2020, ‘Plight of the Pimpernel’ sees the Sixth Doctor and Peri caught in the middle of one of the most infamous events in European history. France 1793; the French Revolution and the bloody Reign of Terror are in full swing with heads rolling from the blade of the ‘National Razor’ on a daily basis. It’s a radical and deadly time for the population of the country but a few small lights of hope are working to make a difference, including a mysterious masked hero saving lives in the country and calling himself the Scarlet Pimpernel. But as to who the Pimpernel actually is and who is hiding under the mask, that’s where things get a little strange as the Pimpernel is supposed to be a fictional character and not an actual force for good. With the Doctor and Peri in extended undercover in England and several forces human and inhuman working to put the Pimpernel out of commission, the situation is about to get even more complicated than even the TARDIS team is anticipating to the point where an understudy of sorts may be required to figure things out and save the day…..

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