‘The Snoopy Show’ trailer and details released.

Apple has released the trailer and premiere date for its upcoming series, The Snoopy Show, a new original series from Peanuts and WildBrain featuring the lovable pup and his avian friend. The show will debut on Apple TV+ globally on February 5th 2021.

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The Future of Streaming Entertainment?

With the rise of new players in the market such as the recently announced Disney+ streaming service and the long-awaited Apple content service (which reportedly will be offered free to Apple customers and be limited to PG-Rated content) things are set to change in the next few years.

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Interview: John V. Knowles – Director of Chastity Bites

IMG_6266aJohn V. Knowles describes himself as “Geek. Atheist. Cyberpunk. Film nerd. Sci-Fi & Horror nut. Mac addict. Typophile. Coffee enthusiast”. Together with his wife Lotti he runs the production company Weirdsmobile which produces shorts & features.

John recently had his feature-film directorial debut with the horror/comedy ‘Chastity Bites‘. See our full review here. We spoke to John about his film career and his love of technology.

………no matter how hard it was to make or how it turned out, just take a moment to relish the fact that you did actually make a MOVIE”

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New iCloud Storage Pricing – More for Less?

Following Tuedays iPhone/Apple Watch launch event, Apple have quietly released new monthly iCloud storage plans. This is supposedly getting ready for the new ‘iCloud Drive‘ functionality which will be supported in the new iOS 8 & OSX Yosemite operating systems. This is expected to be a real step up for Apple’s cloud services which have faced criticism in the last few years; especially with strong competition from Google Drive, DropBox & Microsoft’s SkyDrive. If so, this is good news for existing Apple users.

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Mac Tips: Using Spaces on OSX 10

One of the features I like and use most on OSX 10 is Spaces.

Spaces allows you to group different apps and windows into several ‘virtual desktops‘ which means you can have a less cluttered work-flow and focus on one or two tasks/apps at a time.
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So I bit the bullet…..

..and ordered an iPhone 5.

I have had for several years a Blackberry Curve 9300. While it remains in my opinion a great phone for business use; it’s not great at anything else; the app selection for Blackberry is possibly the worst of all the platforms. Also, Blackberry syncing to Apple has been poor and as I use iCal and Mail regularly; in theory an iPhone should work a lot better for me.

I am expecting the biggest change will be moving to a touch phone and I may miss the keyboard on the blackberry. Also being stuck with 16GB capacity and not being able to upgrade with memory cards. Although as the trend is now towards Cloud-based services this becomes less of a problem. I will also miss the ability to edit Microsoft Office Documents.

I will write some posts on how I have found the transfer in the next few months.

iSteve – The lastest Steve Jobs biopic project.

With ‘jOBS’ starring Ashton Kutcher delayed, it looks like the first Steve Jobs biopic out will come from the Website ‘Funny or Die‘.

Ofcourse, the early days of Apple & Steve Jobs were already dramatised in the 1999 TV Movie ‘Pirates of Silicon Valley

Another major Steve Jobs bio-pic is also in development from Sony; and Steve Wozniak has lent his support to this project.

Which of these projects are you most excited to see?

I also recommend the 2009 ‘Mac Fan’ documentary ‘MacHeads’

Apple surprises everyone with easter product launch

Apple shocked pundits, bloggers and the tech press community with a surprise major product launch today; weeks ahead of even the earliest predictions based on Apple’s usual product cycle. Personally, I feel this is a brilliant piece of seasonal marketing on their part.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Watch Wars…

So we have been hearing rumours of an AppleiWatch‘ project for some time now. Recently, Samsung also weighed in, stating they had a ‘smart’ watch in development. Rumours have now been reported that Google will also be developing a product in this vein.

indiemacuser ©2013

This may well prove just to be another urban myth however with the launch of Google Glass it seems ‘wearable’ tech is an emerging area; whether it’s something consumers actually want or not. Will Apple and others be able to convince people they need a watch if they don’t currently wear one? Many people use their phones as time-keepers.

There are already some ‘smart’ watches available that will work with some functions of iOS devices (i.e. notifications) such as the Pebble; which was initially produced using a Kickstarter campaign and also supports Android.

via Google is reportedly building a smartwatch, too – Digital Lifestyle – Macworld UK